A Friday Night in London Town

Friday is arguably the most exciting night in London. From around 4.00pm onwards, you can hear papers shuffling, file cabinets closing and computers shutting down across the city, as workers eagerly count down the few remaining minutes of their gruelling working week. The minute the clock strikes 5.00pm (4.00pm if you’re lucky, 6.00pm if you ain’t), you can almost feel the city sigh with relief, with a new found zeal to get its groove on!

In the UK’s capital, you can be entertained in practically any way you can think of. Those who are really tired out will most likely be taking to their sofas tonight, curled up with a DVD and a take away. When it comes to the type of cuisine, the choice is yours; just like our Heathrow taxis, you can book your food online and sit tight until it arrives. East London, with Brick Lane in particular, is famed for its selection of established curry houses, serving authentic dishes from India and Pakistan. If you prefer Moroccan, Turkish or Lebanese food, check out the selection that Edgware Road has to offer. Pizza is served pretty much across the city, and for Chinese food... yep, you guessed it: Chinatown! If you don’t have a particular favourite place that you stick to, go online to see what local deliveries you have.

For something a bit different, jump on board the latest trend to hit the clubs and festivals: electro-swing. Taking jazz, blues and swing music from the 1920s to the 1940s, DJs, bands and producers are mixing in sounds of drum and bass, dub-step and hip hop to create an exciting fusion. Try to keep your toes from tapping to this music! This weekend, The Horatia in Islington is hosting the cheekily-named ‘Los Bastardo’ for their own taste of this craze. If you’re a fan of days gone by and love to dance, this will be right up your street. Book a cab in Old Street to take you there and back, because your legs will be too tired to walk!

Published: 3 Jun 2011

Author: taxiadmin

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