Secret Cinema


Do you ever want to experience something different from the norm? It can be difficult to break away from the crowd in London due to it being such an attraction for tourism; everything that you see publicised is mainstream - just like the things you’ve done before.

Now, there’s a great twist on one of the nation’s favourite past times: Secret Cinema. Rather than going along to your local theatre or cinema, queuing up for tickets, buying popcorn and shuffling your way along the row to find a good seat, you can experience film in a whole new way. Secret Cinema invites Londoners to register on their website and join the exciting event that takes place every month at undisclosed locations. It could be a new film or an old classic that you’re going to see; nobody knows until the night. It could be in a graveyard, a car park or a deserted building - the location is chosen in keeping with the film, and again will not be revealed until the last minute.

Not only do you get a surprise by the film and location, but you’ll also be marvelled by the incredible detail gone into your experience. Actors on site to fit the parts, guests dressed up, scenes acted out before your eyes and much more. You’ll be collected in a blacked out bus and bundled off to the secret location, somewhere in London. When you arrive, you’ll probably have no idea where abouts you are! For this stage of the trip you won’t need to book a London taxi as the transport is already arranged, but make sure you store Tick Tock Taxi’s detail in your iphone for later in the evening!

As its popularity grows, Secret Cinema might not be such a great secret any more, and at £27.50 it’s not the cheapest event - but this is so worth it that we wanted to spread the word!

Picture from Secret Cinema Website

Published: 11 Aug 2010

Author: Bryony Cooper

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