The London Cycle Hire Scheme


Here at Tick Tock Taxi, we’re all about responsible, environmentally friendly transport in London. That’s why, even though it’s essentially our competitor, we want to tell you about the London Cycle Hire Scheme starting from Friday 30th July 2010. Anyone who can ride a bike and is over 14 years old is eligible to register for the scheme ; for the first month the service is only available to those registered, with everyone else able to join in from the start of September.

The fees are very wallet friendly; a year’s subscription is just £45.00, and you’ll be posted a keycard that gives you access to the bikes. For others, you’ll be able to borrow a bike completely free of charge for half an hour, then pay as you go after that. You can hire a bicycle for £1 a day, or £5 per week. You can pay by phone, online or at one of the bike docking stations. Compared to public transport it’s much cheaper, and even better for the environment and for your fitness!

The plan is to have 6000 bikes available by the end of this summer, from 400 stations around zone 1 in central London. You can return the bike to any one of these stations when you’re finished, and there are plenty of extra spaces to minimise the chance of yours being full. The only downside is if the bike gets stolen or heavily damaged while it’s in your care - then you’ll have to pay the £300 non return fee.

As good as our intentions are, we have to face the facts; we don’t always want to ride a bicycle. It might be because you’re feeling tired or lazy, or perhaps it’s raining and you don’t fancy getting drenched. If you’re going out to drink alcohol it’s not safe to cycle home, so at times like this it would be more suitable to book a taxi in London. That will get you from A to B at a competitive rate - get the lowest quote by visiting our website the next time you want to book a cab online.

For those long summer days, we’re getting behind the London Cycle Hire Scheme - let’s make this city cleaner!

Picture from Transport for London Website

Published: 2 Aug 2010

Author: Bryony Cooper

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