Even if you wanted to see the film ‘Inception’ as soon as it came out, it may have been easier said than done. Showings were sold out across the country for weeks as the nation flocked to see this dream scape adventure; only now have some of the seats freed up! Inception is still screening at major cinemas, so now is your chance to see what everyone is talking about.

The film stars Leonardo DiCaprio - once a teenage heart throb, he has grown into a well respected actor who can turn his hand to any role. His talent was apparent from a young age, when he starred in films such as ‘What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?’ alongside Johnny Depp; the role was challenging, and eliminated any talk of his success being based only on his looks.

In ‘Inception’, DiCaprio returns as Dom Cobb, a man with the rare talent of extracting information from people’s dreams. He has become a fugitive, wanted by many world corporations and blamed for his late wife’s death. Willing to do anything to return to his young children, Cobb accepts a job from businessman Saito - a man with great influence. Some consider the task impossible; instead of stealing ideas from the mind’s unconscious, Saito wants Cobb to perform inception - planting an idea in the mind, undetected.

We follow the long and complex story as Cobb and the team attempt the near impossible, at risk of getting trapped in the dream world and never waking up. Will he manage to pull it off? You’ll have to go and see it to find out! You can find a london taxi with Tick Tock Taxi - we’ll make sure that the cheapest London cabs are available to you. Enjoy your day at the movies!

Published: 18 Aug 2010

Author: Bryony Cooper

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