Great British Beer Festival


Ah, beer. Whether it’s an ice cold pint on a hot summer’s day or a rich, smooth ale in your local pub, Brits have had a love affair with beer for centuries. It’s the third most popular drink in the world (after water and tea), and there are hundreds of varieties to choose from.

From 3 - 7 August, Earls Court Exhibition Centre will be hosting the Great British Beer Festival- your chance to show your appreciation for the country’s favourite beverage. It is the biggest beer festival in Great Britain, with around 500 different beers and ciders for you to sample. There will also be food stalls dotted around in case you get peckish; remember, it’s always a good idea to line your stomach if you’re planning to drink a considerable amount of alcohol. Even if you’re not an ale enthusiast, you’ll still be kept entertained by the music and the pub games taking place.

Tickets are only £8.00 if you book in advance - that’s the equivalent of about 2 pints in London. We’re sure you can manage that in an afternoon! On top of the beer, you’ll get the chance to experience an important part of British social culture and soak up the atmosphere with like minded visitors. As you know, you should never, ever drink and drive, so we recommend booking a taxi online to make your trip safe; finding a taxi in London can be hit and miss so this way is secure and reliable.

Whether you want to try the international beers on offer or just explore the local delicacies, the Great British Beer Festival is the place to do it.

Picture from Great British Beer Festival Website

Published: 4 Aug 2010

Author: Bryony Cooper

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