Canary Wharf Jazz Festival


Everyone loves a bit of jazz. You don’t have to be an enthusiast or a musician yourself to appreciate this well loved style of music; it makes the perfect background soundtrack to your day out in London, and provides great entertainment for any afictionados.

From 13 to 15 August, Canary Wharf will be hosting their annual jazz festival, giving you a chance to enjoy a day out in some hopefully sunny weather! Prestigious names in the music world such as Natalie Williams and Ruby Turner will be performing in the park, and guests are welcome to take a picnic along with them.

This is the fourth year running that Canary Wharf Arts and Events have organised this three day music fest, raising the profiles of performers in the jazz community; as a non mainstream style of music, it can be difficult for artists to gain recognition. Some come along especially for the event, and others are just passers by who are enticed into the park by the smooth sounds coming from the stage; you can turn up at any time of day to see who’s on.

If you’re not local to Canary Wharf, try booking a cab online to make your journey that bit easier; London taxis are not always easy to find! This will also make it easy for you to get your picnic basket across the city - that could prove to be a bit of a mission on the underground!

The summer is the best time to go and see music outdoors, so if you can’t face a full on five day festival, this is the perfect solution for you. Go along for the afternoon or even for all three days - you’re in for a treat with all of the talent on show.

Picture from My Canary Wharf Website

Published: 13 Aug 2010

Author: Bryony Cooper

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